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One Brooklyn Health


The Heart of Healthcare

Commitment to Our Community

At One Brooklyn Health (OBH), we champion a culture of inclusion and find strength in the diversity of our communities. We believe our communities deserve optimum care, the best outcomes, respect, and a safe environment. We know that our patient's have entrusted us with their health and we hold that trust with great respect. Our Nursing staff is highly educated, trained, and motivated about addressing our patient's health needs, and the health needs of community we serve. We are dedicated to the advancement of the nursing though ongoing education, certification and professional development.


Commitment to Patient Centered Care

Patient satisfaction is the priority of every nursing staff. Patients that are assured that the staff have their best interests at heart and truly care are more apt to share their concerns about their health and well being. Therefore, patient and family satisfaction are paramount, as it assures a positive experience and enhances healthy outcomes.


Commitment to Compassion

At OBH we hold a deep and passionate commitment to our patients and their families, facilitating and advocating for their wellness and healing. We are deeply committed to listening to our patient's concerns and fostering an environment of compassion and trust. 



For more information about Nursing careers at OBH, please visit our Careers Page

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