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One Brooklyn Health

Health Care Professionals

Residency Programs & Undergraduate Medical Education: Improving the Care of Our Central Brooklyn Communities

The Department of Academic Affairs at OBH is responsible for maintaining the academic and training integrity of both undergraduate and graduate level trainees.

For the Undergraduate level, this includes medical students as well as Allied Health students and Technical Students. OBH has medical school partners in the region as well as offshore campuses.

At the graduate level OBH currently has 14 residency and fellowship training in various specialties including internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, emergency medicine, physical medicine & rehabilitation, pharmacology, and dental. One of the core missions of OBH is to train future physicians and healthcare providers to serve Brooklyn and the immediate community. OBH is striving to further increase our clinical footprint and improving the healthcare of over 1 million constituents in the Brooklyn community.

Medical Residency Program:

              >Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Learn More

              >General Dentistry Learn More

              >Pediatric Dentistry Learn More

  • General (Brookdale, Interfaith, Kingsbrook) 
  • OMFS (Brookdale) 
  • Emergency Medicine (Brookdale) 
  • Internal Medicine (Brookdale and Interfaith) 
  • Pediatrics (Brookdale) Learn More
  • Psychiatry (Interfaith) Learn More
  • Psychiatry (Brookdale) Learn More
  • Surgery (Brookdale) Learn More
  • Orthopedic (Kingsbrook) Learn More 
  • Pharmacy (Kingsbrook) Learn More
  • PM&R (Kingsbrook) 
  • Podiatry (Kingsbrook) Learn More
  • Neurology (Brookdale) Learn More


  • Hematology Oncology 
  • Nephrology Learn More
  • Palliative 
  • Pulm CritCare 
  • Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Learn More
  • GI (Starting 2023)

Nursing Program:

  • At One Brooklyn Health, our nurses are highly trained and skilled in a variety of medical specialties. As such, we are dedicated to the advancement of our nurses through ongoing education, certification and professional development. Learn more about joining our Nursing Program.

Coming Soon:

  • Critical Trials 
  • Research 
  • Fellowships

For more information, please contact OBH Academic Affairs:
Phone: (718) 240-5722
Fax: (718) 240-6493

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