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One Brooklyn Health

Patient Experience

Committed to your Care

The One Brooklyn Health Patient Experience team works in collaboration with your healthcare providers to respond to your urgent questions, assist with important resources, investigate patient complaints and address quality of care concerns. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your care is provided in a safe, patient-centered, and caring environment. Committed to your health outcomes and quality of care, our team members listen and respond to our patients with respect and compassion. In addition, our team values our patients' families, helping to assist them with resources and information pertinent to their loved ones on-going health care needs. Patient satisfaction is our ultimate priority.  For questions or concerns please call the One Brooklyn Health Patient Experience office at Brookdale: 718-240-5020 or at Interfaith: 718-613-4290.

Pastoral Care is an integral part of OBH Patient Experience. Our Chaplains provide spiritual care and counseling to patients and family members of all ages. Our team in interdenominational and respects the spiritual and personal beliefs of each individual. Patients, families and staff members may request a chaplain visit by calling Patient Experience at 718-613-4290.


Below please find important links for your ease of access:

  • OBH Nondiscrimination Policy: Our policy ensures that patients have the right to treatment without discrimination as to race, age, religion, sex, national origin, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or source of payment.
    Download Our Nondiscrimination Policy
  • NYS Patient Bill of Rights: A Patient's Bill of Rights is a document that provides patients with information on how they can reasonably expect to be treated during the course of their hospital stay. These documents are, in almost all cases, not legally-binding. They simply provide goals and expectations for patient treatment.
    Download the NYS Patient Bill of Rights

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