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Palliative Care

Care and comfort for quality of life

Facing life-defining, life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses is emotionally, mentally and physically taxing on patients and their families. Therefore, proper palliative care for your family is crucial. We understand this, so we work to ensure patients live comfortably and have the best possible quality of life. Our Palliative Care Program focuses on minimizing pain, distressing symptoms and stress associated with severe illness – whatever the diagnosis.

Our team of specialized, compassionate experts includes physicians, nurses, social workers, clinical pharmacists and chaplains. You can rely on our team to address physical, psychological, spiritual and practical burdens and concerns of series illness. Our patients are always the center of treatment care and decisions.

Contact a doctor to learn more about our Palliative Care program.

Palliative Care service benefits:

  • Assistance with nursing facilities, hospice and home care options
  • Counseling and care for the dying process
  • Curative interventions that promote overall wellness
  • Open communication with patients & family members  
  • Assistance for processing and understanding diagnoses, and disease trajectories and prognoses - Advanced Care Planning (ACP)
  • Pain and symptom management and relief
  • Support and assistance for patient and family wishes around care


Palliative Care

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Palliative Care

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