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Wound Care

Healing your wounds

It’s challenging to live an active, healthy lifestyle when you have a painful wound that keeps you up at night and distracted during the day. If you have a sore, infection, burn or another open wound not healing, do not ignore it. Instead, come to OBH for medical help and treatment. We have wound care specialists to evaluate your wound and determine if you need specialized or urgent treatment.

Our wound care surgeons are skilled practitioners who use state-of-the-art techniques and procedures to heal wounds. In addition to traditional approaches, such as antibiotics, and physical and nutritional therapies, we offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy for hard-to-heal wounds. This allows a 10-fold increase in plasma oxygen concentrations, accelerating the wound-healing process. We treat many conditions, including but not limited to complex wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, non-healing post-operative wounds, pressure sores, radiated wounds and more. Find compassionate specialists at OBH to manage the treatment of your wounds.

Contact us for more information on wound care services today.

Wound care services:

  • Free tissue transfer
  • Limb salvage
  • Local flaps
  • Skin grafting
  • Tissue-engineered graft application
  • Wound debridement
Wound Care
The Brookdale Hospital Medical Center

1 Brookdale Plaza,
Brooklyn, NY 11212

(718) 240-5000
Interfaith Medical Center

1545 Atlantic Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11213

(718) 613-4000
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

585 Schenectady Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11203

(718) 604-5000
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Surgery: Wound Care

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